Saints Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church
Ambridge, PA

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Rev. Michael Polosky, Pastor
Deacon Mark Prokopovich
Rev. Walter Wysochansky


Saturday Vigil Divine Liturgy
English 6 pm

Sunday Divine Liturgies
Church Slavonic 8 am
English 11 am

Saturday 4:45 pm

404 6th Street
Ambridge, PA 15003

(724) 266-2262


The Christmas Eve Compline Service and Divine Liturgy will be live streamed starting at 9pm December 24th on our church you tube channel linked to below. By subscribing to this channel, you will be notified when the live stream begins.

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Saints Peter & Paul

Ukrainian Catholic Church

404 – 6th Street

Ambridge, PA 15003


November 14, 2021

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

This upcoming Monday, November 15th, we begin the great season of Philip’s Fast (Advent). This is our 40 day preparation for the Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We are quite hopeful that this celebration of Christmas seems much more normal than last. Not only was the pandemic at full effect but, if you remember correctly, the weather was horrible Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Here at Saints Peter & Paul we normally expect 350-400 to celebrate Christmas, last year we had less than 100.

Recently, all of you have been provided with a copy of the Bishop’s pastoral letter entitled, “Come Back to the House of the Lord.” I hope all of you take the opportunity to read and study this pamphlet and share it with your friends and family. It was written with the intent of encouraging the faithful, especially those who are still cautious and fearful, to safely return back to Divine Liturgy for Sundays and holy days.

At the beginning of the pandemic all of our churches, including ours, were shut down for 10 weeks, including Holy Week and the Feast of the Resurrection, there were no public services. On Pentecost that year we reopened and have been reopened for almost a year and a half now. While church attendance has fluctuated in these 18 months, to be quite honest, we are perhaps at 65% or so of normal attendance. As we begin this great season of preparation, I would encourage all of our families to take seriously this time of preparation to celebrate the Lord’s birth; to fast from food and other obstacles to our spiritual growth; to alms give and pray daily with your family; to receive the Mystery of Confession during this time; and to begin, cautiously and safely, especially if you have not yet, attend services here at your parish.

Although the wearing of masks is no longer mandated, many people choose to do so and there are always masks available in church. Because our attendance has been relatively small, social distancing is quite easy especially on Saturday at 6 p.m. and Sunday at 8 a.m. Since the Bishop has not yet reinstated the obligation to go to church on Sunday, I would suggest that people attend daily Liturgy where there are fewer than 6 people normally during the week. If you have not been attending in person and receiving the Holy Eucharist there is no substitute for this, even though watching live streamed Liturgies has been a blessing during this time.

Finally, when we are going to make the schedule for Christmas Liturgies, we will consider having it live streamed in the gym as we did last year and also available at people’s homes. The live streaming at home, because there will be no reception of Holy Eucharist, is meant especially for the sick and shut in who cannot make it in person.

I pray for you during this time of preparation, I ask you to pray for myself and Fr. Walter and Deacon Mark, and I hope and pray to see most, if not all of you, during this time of Philip’s Fast and as we celebrate the birth of Jesus.


Fr. Mike



Live streaming schedule for Holy Week:
Holy Thursday at 6PM
Good Friday at 6PM
Easter Sunday: Resurrectional Matins 9AM followed by Divine Liturgy at approximately 10AM

Food baskets will be blessed at the end of Liturgy via live streaming - please have holy water available to bless your basket.

You can find the live-streams of our services using the link below on this YouTube channel.  If you subscribe to the channel, you will be able to jump to the page anytime you want without searching.


All weekday and Sunday services will be celebrated temporarily without the participation of the assembly of the faithful. Our clergy will continue to celebrate and pray for you and with you vicariously. We will celebrate the Divine Liturgies and other services in behalf of and for all of you, especially for the sick and the healthcare providers.